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Everything will come in handy | Wszystko się przyda
5 sierpnia 2021

Everything Will Come in Handy
solo exhibition

29.01. – 24.04.2021

SIC! BWA Wrocław
Kościuszki Square 9-10

about exhibition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-sZwjAu7Hs&t=18s

The issue of compulsive accumulation, or pathological hoarding, scientifically known as syllogomania, is the main narrative axis of Kalina Bańka’s upcoming exhibition Everything Will Come in Handy. It will be a story of an endless number of collected objects, ephemeral matter of the physical world and psychosocial instability.

Moving smoothly from commenting on the current global reality to private narration, the artist ventures to carry out a very private and sentimental project. Kalina’s grandmother is its main protagonist, as well as the deep, bittersweet relationship with her, resulting from the aforementioned condition – compulsive hoarding. The artist’s guide in her childhood and adolescence, who introduced her to the world of nature, carelessness and sense of here and now, so desirable today, stimulates her to analyse her creative process, make an attempt to restrain the accumulation of thoughts, artistic strategies and currently employed forms of expression.

However, every change is a process requiring time and determination. Old habits die hard, they are often compulsive and addictive. The artist’s long-established creative process has been subjected to experimentation. The results will soon be seen at Wrocław’s SIC! BWA gallery.

part of exhibition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go5ROZvrzsA&t=9s

Curator: Mika Drozdowska